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Brauss Creative, as a freelance design business/boutique, focused on small to medium sized companies in need of a consistent, attractive, and professional look for their brand and messaging. We can assist you by creating print, digital, or display collateral for your organization. We can also help you circumvent the full-agency engagement if you are simply requesting is an update to existing marketing messages.

some of my services

Branding • Collateral • Presentation • Infographics • Layout • Website Design • Email Messages

Who's the boss

Chris Brauss, is a graphic artist that has designed professionally since 1990. He has worked as a Graphic Designer, Art Director, Production Coordinator, and Project Manager, sometimes all on the same project. "Brauss Creative" (BC) officially began in 2005 working with a, St. Louis based, pro hockey organization and has a portfolio of teams in many industries.


What we produce

We produce YOUR message. We have a diverse portfolio covering healthcare, manufacturing, professional sports, retail, and education. We deliver your messages through print and digital avenues. We also provide gUI (graphic User Interface) in submission processes, reporting analytics, and action rooted applications.


Brauss Creative Clients

Where I work

We entertain both, long term contracts and one-off projects. In-person and virtually, BC joins wonderful people with interesting projects, making great ongoing associations. The clientele is from all walks of industry and products. We pride ourselves on working just as hard for the Fortune 500, as we do for an old friend that has a passion for telling stories about St. Louis

ASSOCIATIONS (to be added)


I’ve known and worked with Chris for well over 15 years. He’s my go to person for creative work. Chris has been involved and led the creative efforts (brand design, web design, and marketing creatives) for both a Pharmaceutical Compound Drug Testing Lab and my recent joint venture in Drug Distribution Analytics. I typically operate in a “needed yesterday” and Chris has not let me down in delivering his assigned work products. To that end, I rate him a “10” for both his creative work products and determination to complete all assigned task on time.

V.C. Jun Fabella Jr., MBA, BS, Che.E.
CEO and Managing Partner

It’s been nearly a decade since we met Chris through a mutual client.  We needed added talent for another client’s sales collateral and we have been working with each other ever since. Our conversations with Chris develop fresh perspectives for our projects. Because of this positive collaboration, we continue to have a great go-to practice with him helping several of our other clients who need just a little something more to take them to a new level. Brauss Creative is a great on-call resource for our agency.

Linda Ford
BB Marketing Group


Need help?

Do you need a cold review of what's on your plate?  Have stared at something too long? We can help you, even if it's only to review something that has become a thorn in your paw. Let's talk.